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February 25th, 2024
Web Redesign & Marketing
Cfab Global Website Redesign

01. Project Goals

F For our comprehensive marketing initiative with CFAB Global, our primary objective was to significantly enhance the brand’s visibility and engagement across key platforms and events. By designing a brand-new, user-friendly website, we aimed to not only elevate CFAB Global’s online presence but also to improve user experience, thereby increasing customer engagement and retention rates. Our efforts extended to the creation of an innovative trade show booth for the GEAPS Exchange 2024, designed to captivate and educate attendees about CFAB Global’s offerings in a compelling and memorable way. In addition, taking over the management of CFAB Global’s social media platforms was a strategic move aimed at boosting their digital footprint, fostering community engagement, and driving brand awareness. Through these targeted strategies, our goal was to position CFAB Global as a leading figure in their industry, enhancing their market reach and contributing to their overall business growth.

Our experience was great because they were able to create a very polished and professional website and branding. They were also able to provide a complete trade show booth, company apparel, print materials, and promotional materials with the new branding that really stood out and drew people to it by the look. Everything was done quickly before the deadline and efficiently. The creative edge that OneStop Northwest brings to the table is above and beyond anyone else. They always have a solution for any of our needs whether it’s graphics, IT, HR, or even our foundational work systems.
Maria C., President & COO, CFAB Global

Cfab Graco Waveline 10Ft Curved Kit Right
Cfab Global Trade Show Booth | Geaps Exchange 2024

02. Project Solution

To elevate CFAB Global’s brand, we embarked on a multifaceted strategy. Our solution began with the launch of a redesigned website, offering a seamless user experience with intuitive navigation and enriched content, effectively showcasing CFAB Global’s expertise and solutions. For the GEAPS Exchange 2024, we engineered an immersive trade show booth, blending innovative design with interactive elements to engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. On the social media front, we implemented a dynamic content strategy tailored to CFAB Global’s audience, fostering engagement and amplifying their message across platforms. This comprehensive approach was crafted to enhance CFAB Global’s market presence, drive engagement, and accelerate growth.

03. Project Results

Following our interventions, CFAB Global experienced a remarkable uplift in brand engagement and visibility. The new website saw a significant increase in traffic and user engagement, translating to higher customer retention and acquisition rates. At GEAPS Exchange 2024, the innovative booth design drew unprecedented attention, facilitating valuable industry connections and enhancing brand recall. Social media efforts led to a substantial growth in followers and interaction rates, amplifying CFAB Global’s digital presence and fostering a vibrant online community. Together, these results have not only elevated CFAB Global’s brand status but have also positioned them for sustained growth and industry leadership.