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February 14th, 2024
Corporate Branding Redesign
Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery - Dr. Kristopher M. Day | Logo Redesign | Onestopnw

01. Introduction

T This case study outlines the corporate branding redesign undertaken by OneStop Northwest for Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery (PSPS), a distinguished plastic surgery clinic led by Dr. Kristopher M. Day. The project aimed to rejuvenate the brand, improving its visibility and appeal to better resonate with changing market dynamics and patient expectations.

02. Client Background

Located in the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery, under the leadership of Dr. Kristopher M. Day, is recognized for its expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the highly esteemed city of Bellevue, serving the Greater Seattle Area. Despite its reputation, PSPS’s brand image was outdated and no longer reflected the advanced level of services provided.

03. Challenges

  1. Outdated Brand Image: The existing brand image and messaging were misaligned with the innovative and high-quality nature of PSPS’s services.
  2. Inconsistent Brand Identity: There was a lack of cohesive branding across different platforms, leading to inconsistent perceptions among potential clients.
  3. Market Positioning: As competition in the plastic surgery sector grew, it became crucial for PSPS to assert itself as a leader in innovation and patient care.

04. Objectives

The redesign goals included:

    • Establishing a modern, unified brand identity that mirrors the quality and advancement of PSPS’s services.
    • Enhancing brand visibility and recognition in a competitive marketplace.
    • Revamping the digital presence through an updated website and dynamic social media platforms. (Launching SOON)

05. Process

  1. Research and Discovery: OneStop Northwest conducted thorough market research, competitor analysis, and client interviews to gauge the existing brand’s strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Brand Strategy Development: Insights from the research phase guided the creation of a new branding strategy, incorporating a new logo, color scheme, and messaging that reflected PSPS’s core values of innovation, excellence, and care.
  3. Visual and Digital Redesign: A new, sleek logo was designed to symbolize precision and care, accompanied by a color palette of serene blues to evoke trust.
  4. Implementation: The new brand was implemented across all marketing materials, soon to including business cards, brochures, and office signage. The PSPS website is being overhauled for better usability and mobile responsiveness. Social media platforms received updates with new content themes and interactive features.

06. Results

The branding redesign notably improved Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery’s market position:

    • Increased Brand Recognition: A unified visual identity led to better recognition.
    • Enhanced Online Engagement: Engagement on social media platforms improved due to strategic content and interactive campaigns.

07. Conclusion

The corporate branding redesign by OneStop Northwest effectively repositioned Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery as a modern, patient-focused leader in the competitive plastic surgery industry. Through thoughtful branding efforts, PSPS enhanced its visual identity and solidified its market presence, paving the way for continued growth and success.