Company Management

Our mission with our Company Management services is to make managing or running a company faster, easier, and less expensive. We specialize in handling business compliance filings with precision and efficiency. Our comprehensive service covers various regulatory filings, including annual reports, licenses, permits, and other essential documentation. With a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of compliance requirements, we ensure timely and accurate filings, allowing businesses to focus on their operations with confidence in their regulatory standing. Whether it be our filing services, compliance offerings or our business system solutions we help you focus on your business, not the boring and tedious maintenance work.


Articles of Amendment Filings

If you would like to make changes to your original Articles of Incorporation (Corporation) or Articles of Organization (LLC), then filing an amendment with the state of formation will be required.


Annual Report Filing Services

After you’ve incorporated your business or formed an LLC, many states require an annual (or biennial: every 2 years) filing to keep them updated with your current Registered Agent, Officers/Directors and/or Members Names and Addresses. The filing is called by different names: Annual Report, Annual List, Statement of Information or similar.

Apostilles and Certificates of Authentication

An Apostille is a certification from a US Federal or State government that allows a document from that office to be accepted in any of the countries that have signed the Apostille Convention. Basically, it’s the international version of having a document “notarized” so you can use it in other countries.

Apostilles Authentication
Certificate Good Standing

Certificates of Good Standing

A Certificate of Good Standing (also known as a “Certificate of Status” or “Certificate of Existence”) is a document issued by the State that verifies:

- The company exists in State Records.
- It is currently authorized to do business in that State.
- The company is current with all fees, taxes and other filings.

Certified Copy

Certified Copies are actual copies of your corporate or LLC documents filed with the State — certified as authentic and correct by the State filing office.

A Certified Copy may be needed to:

- Replace lost or stolen corporate documents.
- Foreign Qualify a company in another state.
- Satisfy internal company record-keeeping rules.



To maintain “compliance”, most companies are required by law to complete certain tasks on a regular basis like holding meetings, properly documenting these meetings with written minutes, filing an annual report and paying federal taxes. Doing these tasks preserves your “corporate veil” which is one of a corporation or LLC’s most valuable assets. It’s what protects your personal assets in a lawsuit or audit and may also be required to obtain business financing. ComplianceGuard automates this for you.

Corporate Kits & Seals

All corporations and LLCs are required to keep a company “minute book”. Organize your new or existing company the right way with the best in Corporate Kits.

These attractive, custom-made kits are invaluable in keeping your Corporate Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Stock Certificates and records organized properly and efficiently.

Corporatekit Seal

Articles of Dissolution Filings

If you would like to dissolve (permanently close) your Corporation or LLC, then we can file the appropriate Articles of Dissolution in any State.

It is important to properly close your company if you no longer intend to operate the business.

DBA or Fictitious Business Name

A DBA (also known as a “sole proprietorship”, “Doing Business As”, or a “Fictitious Name”) is a business that is not separate from its owner, merely a different name that the business owner operates under. The owner is personally liable for the company and its debt; all income is added to the owner’s personal tax returns (pass-through taxation). If there is more than 1 owner, the business is classified as a “Partnership”.


Foreign Qualification Filings

A Corporation or LLC can be incorporated in any state, however, the company is only authorized to do business in the state in which it is formed.

To authorize your company to do business in a state other than where the company was formed, you need to file paperwork in each state you intend to do business.

Registered Agent Service

A Registered Agent is a person or entity that receives official documentation on behalf of the company. This can include Annual Report notices, Service of Process, Tax Notices and other important documents. A Registered Agent must also be available during normal business hours.

We can provide you with a professional Registered Agent in all 50 States and DC.